Watching Juan

4 February  2014

Last weekend I attended Magi-Fest, a magic convention in Columbus, Ohio, celebrating its 83rd consecutive year. This year’s event featured several of the world’s finest professional magicians. Most remarkably, Spanish master magician, Juan Tamariz traveled to this midwestern town to amaze and stun over 900 convention participants with his skill, wonder, and truly incomparable magic.

With a direct link to the some of the greatest magicians from the 20th century, Tamariz carries forth a tradition like no other. His love of magic is only matched by his love of people, both of which are best appreciated while seated at his table.

Wherever Juan was, people were. I enjoyed watching the watching and was fortunate enough to capture some images of the great Tamariz and those he mesmerized.




What follows are a few additional photographs from the 2014 Magi-Fest. What struck me most was the open mingling of performers and fans, each reveling in the art of magic.


(All images © ikswonilak 2014)




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